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UN Permanent Forum Indigenous Issues 2007
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Elder Adunni Oshupa Tabasi

Statement Before the “UN” Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII

Elder Adunni & GNP Members
Ghana Nkwanta Group Members

Elder Adunni Oshupa Tabasi

 May, 2007


Adunni Oshupa Tabasi, is the main representative and spokesperson for the Joint Statement submitted for Partnership for Indigenous Peoples Environment, The Afrikan Women United Globally, The Ghana Nkwanta Project, under the umbrella of the Global Village Congress (GVC).


All the abovementioned organizations are included (except GVC) in the fifty-million plus “CAPTIVE AFRIKAN SURVIVOR REFUGEES” (C.A.S.R.) presently residing in the United States since the beginning of the “Instituted, “CHATTEL” Enslavement” System that resulted in the commencement of the “AFRIKAN HORROR HELL OF A COST”(AHHC) that continues to the present day undaunted yet challenged by the C.A.S.R.


Many CAPTIVE AFRIKANS are still being held against their will within the borders of the United States (U.S.) that opt to exodus the United States permanently. C.A.S.R. are a Nation within a Nation that are actually “LANDLESS, and HOMELESS, the INVISIBLES”, without any representation at the Global Body commonly known as the “UNITED NATIONS” (U.N.).


There is no seat at the U.N. for the C.A.S.R. thereby, making them the NON-EXISTANTS of the UNIVERSE.  C.A.S.R.(s) have no voice, no representation.


Yet, they are living, breathing, HUMANBEINGS that do exist in the U.S. April 2004, the C.A.S.R. were given eight to ten thousands acres of Land in the North Volta Region of Ghana by the Dadaise Adele Traditional Area, Nana Awuku Nsanah 11 and the people of the village.  Now the Captive Afrikans that reside in the U.S. and elsewhere have LAND, and how do they fit into the category of “INDIGENOUS NATIONS”?  The involuntary-exile children of Afrika who were taken out of Afrika by the first GENOCIDAL, TERRORIST ACT that would be considered an act of unadulterated TERRORISM in 2007.


There has yet to be any trial like the NUREMBERG TRIAL to address this grave and pressing issue in the United States and the United Nations.  WHY? Why haven’t the UN Global Body that represent all the countries (193) in the hemisphere not spoken out about this diabolic, insidious, instituted plan of “CHATTEL ENSLAVEMENT” unlike any beastly act ever enacted in the history of humankind by alleged” civilized persons” who claimed to be HUMANS?





                                      HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS


A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS began when the first FREE AFRIKAN, (against their will) was put on the SHIP. 


A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS when enslaved Afrikans were chained, shackled, and packed, worst than sardines in a can on ships for months at a time. A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS, totally NAKED, unable to turn, no space to move, defecate, urinate, menstruate, giving birth on the decks of the ships and in the hulls of the ships.  No privacy, unable to bathe, brush their teeth,…..A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS began when the DEHUMANIZATION PROCESS was implemented. A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS continued after arriving on the shores of the North American continent, (later to become the created United States), A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS was further imposed by erecting a WALL in what became known as New Amsterdam, for the sole purpose of selling Captive Afrikans, Later to become the famous New York City without any of it’s’ historical data.  1712, was the establishment of the “AFRIKAN BURIAL GROUNDS”, an enslaved Afrikans was not allowed to be buried in “Trinity Church grounds. A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS by being persecuted due to the color of the Afrikan skin.  In addition to being economically, socially, and politically denied rights that were given to others. A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS  continued for decades non-stop that brought about the ‘CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT”  as a result of the horrendous execution of EMMENT TILL”. A violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS persisted by not allowing “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees” (C.A.S.R.) to be themselves.  Corporations “Dress Codes”dictated still how enslaved Afrikans mode of attire must be; for many the straightening of hair was a core requirement.  This “dress code” is still in practice today.  Today, many “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees” are totally imitating        “CINDERELLA” by choice.       


                                   COLLECTIVE RECOMMENDATIONS


1.       Afrikan Governments that send representatives to the “UN” Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII) must include “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees”, (C.A.S.R.) pressing issues that affect them in the United States in particular.


2.       Afrikan Governments that have some semblance of political control must address the unlawful, criminal and inhumane acts of “CHATTEL ENSLAVEMENT” that dispersed Afrikans of many Nations throughout the Universe without their permission.  The enslavement of millions upon millions of Afrikans in the continent must be tied directly with the “Chattel” system of Afrikans totaling over ‘Two-Hundred-Million that were kidnapped and sold all over the planet earth being totally disconnected from their/our natural origin of birth, cultures, customs and languages.  As a result of this “Crime Against Humanity” this act directly opened the door for the total take over of the Afrikan continent by the orchestrated “Berlin Conference” of 1884-1885, by Otto Bismarck.

3.       Afrikan Governments must come to the forefront of assistance for the “enslaved children” of the Afrikan Continent who lost all claim in part to their natural Land, Territories and Resources.  Afrikan Governments must not never lose sight of the devastation and the total partitioning of the Afrikan continent that contributed to the ‘bone crushing poverty” that lingers to the present.  The artificial boundaries still exist today in Afrika despite the alleged “Independence” of the Afrikan continent.

4.       At the UN many Afrikan Governments do have seats and a voice at/on the International level that can address these unacknowledged, unresolved long overdue issues that relate to all Afrikans Human Rights and Violations of these rights by “birth”.  The outstanding demand for “REPATRIATION” for eons by Captive Afrikans whose bodies line the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for centuries.  “REPARATIONS” are owed to all Afrikans on the planet for centuries of physical and mental abuse.  These scavengers of the planet earth have been controlling not only the Afrikans natural resources but all the Indigenous Peoples as well; thereby, acquiring an abundance of wealth for the pilferers and their children at the detriment of all Indigenous Peoples of the globe. The end result being dire poverty, poor health, uneducated, undereducated, un-development of their land for the future generations.

5.       Historical data must be put before the “United Nations” global body of the “Chattel Enslavement Institution” as a “Crime Against Humanity” and be charged for who they are ‘CRIMINALS’, past and the present as their “Kids” are still involved in the practices of exploitation of  all Afrikans (and others who are rich by birth right of their heritage) in and outside of the continent of Afrika.  As I look around the UNPFII and hear the testimonies, its’ evident that the ‘Atrocities’ continue non-stop on the “Indigenous People” of the planet earth by the “selected few” that are not of the valued thought pattern of “Mother Earth” as “INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARE”!!!!    “Mother Earth” is OUR LAND, OUR TERRITORIES, OUR RESOURCES, are completely in the hands of others.  We the people must regain TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR LAND!!!  I/we strongly suggest that the “Nuremberg Trial” be studied by Afrikan Governments as a model…  Unfortunately for many Afrikans in South Afrika  the “Truth Commission” didn’t work in their interest.

6.       Presently, the revamped “Afrikan Union” formerly the “Organization       of Afrikan Unity”(OAU) has finally realized our worth, the “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees”(C.A.S.R.), who were involuntarily removed from Afrika to include dispersion Children of Afrika in the decision making of the Afrikan continent as the “sixth region” of the continent. “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees” who are qualified must be given “Diplomatic Status” immediately as time is of the essence and this title is long overdo and will be in the interest of all Afrikans.

7.       Lastly, We are the “Children” of Afrika and its’ legal heirs by being born Afrikan no matter where we were scattered throughout the universe .  No longer must any alleged government of Afrika ignore the “exile” children of Afrika who were by “brute force” and “untold terror” removed from their natural “Homeland”, the continent of  Afrika.  None of you must ever lose sight of the fact that C.A.S.R. made it possible for all Afrikans to enter the created United States of the North America Continent via the “CHAMBERS OF HORROR”, and the ULTIMATE PRICE PAID, “DEATH”!!!


Case in point, Nemin Arku, yet another execution of an Afrikan male by the Police that is the norm in the United States.  Regardless of what any Afrikan wants to believe or wherever one is born its irrelevant; the system sees us as the same people.




As to just how many Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees opt to exodus

The UNITED STATES POST HASTE!!!!!  Receiving centers must be

set up in Afrika by the governments of Afrika.


Madam Chairperson, Members of the Forum and Delegates

We thank You.


Elder Adunni UN Indigenous Forum 2006

Link to ....Elder Adunni Oshupa Tabasi's Statement Indigenous Women 2005

Together we will work to build and develop the “LAND GIFT’ that was given for the betterment of all Afrikans. This LAND GIFT will be the INHERITANCE for all yet unborn Afrikan children to inherit. No longer will any Afrikan ever again in or outside of Afrika ever be LANDLESS AND HOMELESS ever again!!!