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Cancelled May 3, 2008 - Tribute to Elder Adunni Oshupa Tabasi
House of Justice, Harlem U.S. A. 2/9/2008
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The Door to Return
GNP Photos - March 2007 Trip to Ghana
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Queen Mother Franklin's Going Home Photos

Money is needed for:

  • Lawyer(s) fees  
  • Surveyor(s) and staff fees
  • Expenses for staff workers doing the groundwork - (the paper work for us in Ghana)


If you would like to assist Elder Adunni and the Ghana Nkwanta Project Group, please email us or contact us by mail.

Please Email Ghana Nkwanta Group At

You can reach us by mail at:

c/o Linda Fletcher

PO Box 6283

Bronx, NY





Your contributions and skills in building community will be appreciated!


Together we will work to build and develop the “LAND GIFT’ that was given for the betterment of all Afrikans. This LAND GIFT will be the INHERITANCE for all yet unborn Afrikan children to inherit. No longer will any Afrikan ever again in or outside of Afrika ever be LANDLESS AND HOMELESS ever again!!!