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Chagga Homegardens

Definition of Homegardens

Tropical homegardens are characterized by the deliberate management of trees in intimate association with annual and perennial agricultural crops and small livestock within house compounds. The whole tree - crop - animal unit is intensively managed by family labor. Known by a variety of names, these agroforestry systems are commonly found throughout the tropics and especially in areas with high population densities (Table 1) - [Fernandes and Nair, 1986].


Tree gardens of the Chagga

The Chagga home gardens: A multi-storeyed agro-forestry cropping system on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania

Adopt, Adapt and Survive Learning from the Chagga people of Mount Kilimanjaro

Definitions of Homegardens

Home garden agriculture in Kerala revisited

The African Blackwood Conservation Project, Tanzania

Communities, Knowledge and Biodiversity: Theoretical Orientation of Ethnoforestry by Deep N. Panday

Compound Farming in Africa

Wikipeida Homegardens


Together we will work to build and develop the “LAND GIFT’ that was given for the betterment of all Afrikans. This LAND GIFT will be the INHERITANCE for all yet unborn Afrikan children to inherit. No longer will any Afrikan ever again in or outside of Afrika ever be LANDLESS AND HOMELESS ever again!!!