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Elder Adunni Oshupa Tabasi's Statement Indigenous Women 2005
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Adunni Oshupa Tabasi/NuNu Afua Friefri II enstolled in Ghana as a Queen Mother, April 2004


My name is Adunni Oshupa Tabasi/NuNu Afua Friefri II enstolled in Ghana as a Queen Mother, April 2004, and affiliated with “Partnership for Indigenous Peoples’ Environment”. I am also the CEO for the “Afrikan Women United Globally”.


My position still exist as to how “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees” (C.A.S.R.) fit into the category of “Indigenous Peoples’ and nations”?  Our children are also born into the status of C.A.S.R. due to their Mothers who birthed them are C.A.S.R. Our children are being deeply affected by “The Post Traumatic Enslavement Syndrome”, to paraphrase Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary.


How can we heal our children from the low self-esteem inherited by the mental trauma and stress their Mothers are experiencing 24/7? There has never been any ‘therapeutic treatment’ of ‘healing’ from this on going trauma for the fifty-million (50) plus C.A.S.R.  We as Mothers of Afrikan children are still forbidden to be who we are as AFRIKANS.  We are still not allowed to embrace our Afrikan Identity, Customs, Cultures and the Languages we spoke when we were by ‘brute force’ and ‘terror’ removed from Afrika. Enslaved Afrikan Women had to give birth to children in the hulls of the ships chained and shackled that were dispersed throughout planet earth.  This inhumane psychological act was inherited ‘genetically’ by our children from their traumatized Mothers: it’s a wonder any C.A.S.R. has any semblance of sanity. Despite the atrocities committed on us many of us have contributed greatly to the sciences and inventions the world’s inhabitants enjoy daily. The cell phone is one that many are enjoying today.


Those of the C.A.S.R. like myself who dare to acknowledge our Afrikan Identity, customs, and cultures; we are penalized and ostracized by many of our own.  To regain the right to speak our own Afrikan languages and not the language/s of our ‘captors’ that were forced upon Afrikans universally. To regain our dignity and status of where we were At The Head of the Universe who have fallen from GRACE, yet we will ‘RISE’ again.


Many Afrikans enslaved were whipped and bodies deeply cut but the Bull Whip of many tails.  Many Afrikan captive Men, Women, and Children were whipped until they spoke the languages of their ‘captors’. Many here must remember the ‘SOWETO’ uprising by the youth in South Afrika who refused to speak Afrikanus. Many of the youth were viciously massacacred, shot down worst than you would kill a ravish dog!!! Many Afrikan women and children in the United States, an allegedly “free and democratic” society were mutilated by cutting out their tongues that refused to speak the imposed languages.  Women and children who were forced to speak the language/s of the ‘captors’ caught with a book learning to read, eyes were gorged out, hands cut off as a warning for many other Afrikans who tried to do the same.  Laws were enacted forbidding any to teach enslaved Afrikans how to read and/or write. This same abovementioned practice was executed in the Congo when the Afrikans did not pick enough ‘rubber’ and their hands were cut off….


In closing, Enslaved Afrikan Women who dared to birth children for future generations are stymied and suffer greatly under the regime of Democracy, Freedom and Opportunity for all (except the C.A.S.R.) with no hope for future generations. Women and Children are the ‘backbone’ of any society; Men do not, do not birth children.  To deny women the right to birth and bring healthy children into being, the future will be very bleak!!!


The ‘Freedoms’ espoused by the United States Government around the Universe are ‘Bogus’ and so much ‘propaganda’ and yet, none of these doctrines are implemented in the United States. As many of the Indigenous Nations told us long ago”… talk with fork tongue”.


Final closing, all that has been expressed here in this forum/s are echoed by CAPTIVE AFRIKAN SURVIVOR REFUGEES, of the never ending AFRIKAN HORROR HELL OF A COST; (to paraphrase the late Queen Mother Audley Moore) who have and continue to be deeply, deeply, deeply, affected psychologically by man made horror and terror that is meted out on defenseless men, women, and children, (not just in the United States) particularly ‘women’ who are the Mothers of he earth’s population. Time didn’t allow me to explore this topic further. I speak for the Millions of Afrikan Ancestors who are unable to speak for themselves and all those out of ‘fear’ who do not voice their feelings for fear of reprisal. I thank you.


“Time did not allow me to articulate this entire position statement* Monday 23rd, May 2005, conference room 2, Themes: “Indigenous children and youth” and “Indigenous women”. 3-6 p.m. related to follow-up of previous special themes of 2203 & 2004.







Together we will work to build and develop the “LAND GIFT’ that was given for the betterment of all Afrikans. This LAND GIFT will be the INHERITANCE for all yet unborn Afrikan children to inherit. No longer will any Afrikan ever again in or outside of Afrika ever be LANDLESS AND HOMELESS ever again!!!