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Purpose/Mission Statement



The purpose shall be to restore dignity and pride in the “CAPTIVE AFRIKAN SURVIVOR REFUGEES”. (CASR) Only those who are AFRIKANS genetically and the children of those enslaved AFrikans can be included in this project. We are (CASR) and have been a nation within a nation not recognized in the United States (US) nor in the United Nations (UN). Thereby to exodus US we can teach AFrikan children their heritage and connection to the continent of Afrika, their ‘natural’ homeland; thus restoring pride and dignity in themselves. To know they can be all they want to be can be a reality!!!

“Afrika’s Gift to the World”, J.A. Rogers, historian, writer……


Afrikan children are the children of once mighty nations whose job will be to help Afrikans “RISE” mightier then before. They are the recipients and the children of those who began “CIVILIZATION”. They too like all others have a legacy to uphold of those who gave the world its HUMANITY. This “gift” to the world inhabitants was to the detriment of the Afrikan continent in the main. Final mission is to take Afrikan children to Afrika on a regular basis to learn who they truly are as a people of greatness. Free their minds of contamination by not being born in Afrika. To be born in an uncontaminated Afrika FREE too from its historical wounds.

More than four square miles of “LAND” was given to all “Captive Afrikan Survivor Refugees” (CASR) no matter where they were born on the planet Earth who were taken out of the Afrikan Continent by “BRUTE FORCE” and “UNTOLD TERROR”. This “UNGODLY ACT” AND “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY” rendered “CAPTIVE AFRIKANS” (CA) “LANDLESS’ and “HOMELESS”; PARTICULARLY THOSE IN THE UNITED STATES!!!


In January 2003, it was the “Old Man” as he was affectionately called, Torgbe Otamfu Aniewu Mensah who made this “Land Gift” possible by taking Dr. Olayemi Tinuoye to meet with his brother-in-law Nana Awuku Nsana II and the people of Dadaise Adele Traditional Area also known as Kratchi, Nkwanta, in the North Volta Region of Ghana, West Afrika. Negotiations took place with the representatives of the village according to traditional customs agreeing to give this parcel of “LAND” for ‘CAPTIVE AFRIKAN SURVIVOR REFUGEES’ repatriation to their natural homeland, Afrika. All the captors and scavengers of Afrika know who we are, the forced exiled children of AFRIKA.

I, having known Dr. Olayemi Tinuoye (Yemi) for close to thirty years, more or less. We met as students at New York University (NYU) in the late 1970’s. He was a very young man in his late teens. Oftentimes we spoke on the return home to Afrika and that he must never consider staying here in the United States, on this I was very adamant along with several other CASR students. (Nzinga, Millie, …..) Yemi assured us that he would assist us in our return home to Afrika. The long held goal we had spoken of was finally coming to fruition. In August of 2003 when Yemi came to the US he brought the good news of what he had done for us. Samuel Burham of Florida was here at the time (one of the Ghana Nkwanta Project Group supporters). We were so elated of the good news it brought tears to my eyes. Later that year a letter was sent to me officially inviting me to Nkwanta to receive the “Land Gift”. In January of 2004, I went to Ghana for the preliminary receivership of the LAND. In April of 2004, the official LAND STAMPING of the land ceremonies were executed along with the enstoolment of I, Adunni Oshupa Tabasi thus becoming a Queen Mother of the village. It was due to my spiritual father, the ‘Old Man’ that I was made a Queen Mother. He told all in the family and in the village that I resembled his grandmother and that she had returned thereby, I became NuNu Afua FriFie II. (FriFie I was his grandmother). TORGBE OTAMFU ANIEWU MENSAH joined the African Ancestors: July 21st 2005 at the age of one hundred and twenty years old (120); He was the 12th child of his parents 14 children. This was his LEGACY to we the forced enslaved captive children of AFRIKA. We must never do anything to bring shame or dishonor to my spiritual father, “The Old Man”.

Together we will work to build and develop the “LAND GIFT’ that was given for the betterment of all Afrikans. This LAND GIFT will be the INHERITANCE for all yet unborn Afrikan children to inherit. No longer will any Afrikan ever again in or outside of Afrika ever be LANDLESS AND HOMELESS ever again!!!


Houses for all, farms, factories, health facilities, educational systems Library/Research Institute, Retirement settlements, Post Offices, Banks, Hotels, Stores, a Land Strip and Airplane that will carry 200 persons with freight…for starters, whatever we need to be totally self sufficient we will have.

MEETINGS EVERY OTHER THURSDAY FOR THE GHANA NKWANTA PROJECT GROUP, 6-8 p.m. White Rock Baptist Church, 152 West 127th Street, Between Malcolm X Blvd., and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.

Rev. Vincent R. Cooper is the presiding reverence of the church.

Contact persons: Adunni Oshupa Tabasi (718) 448-8490 Ali Kwesi Danladi (917) 748-7130 Novella Washington (347) 866-5563